Exported animation does not work with REACT

Just starting off with using the software so sorry if it seems a little to vague, more than happy to answer all questions.


  • I made a animation on hype -> export HTML 5.
  • Copied the code that they said to into the react component

When I run the npm start -> host is up and running but nothing this component does not show up.


Archive.zip (136.7 KB)

The recommendation for react is to use an iframe that references the exported .html file.

Unfortunately you can’t bring in a Hype div into a react component on the page, as React will do DOM unloading that the Hype runtime does not expect. This will lead to lots of errors, and then when the DOM goes back in place it still won’t be correct.

There are more details in this post, and I’m pretty sure more discussion when searching for “react” on the forums.