Export to PWA ... wish list

Hi guys!
is possible to make a PWA with Hype? or will you guys plan to have a Hype version in the near future where you can export to PWA?


PWA is the future!

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/googles PWA…
Prins Willem Alexander Bad

Guess thats not it?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Why not? more and more companies are using PWA and the biggest (Apple, Google, Microsoft…) are pushing for it.

Maybe that’s just the reason to be careful with it?

Still, what I do hope is that HYPE remains true to its core, an easy, accessible, HTML5 animation program.

Yes for those of us who have no clue to what PWA is I found an interesting article…

@vmcv , having never developed for a PWA, what is involved and where do you think Hype or an Hype Export would be involved?

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I wrote a little guide on how Hype fits into this model and the features Hype already provides for implementing these technologies: Offline Web Apps for iOS with Tumult Hype using the Cache Manifest

I personally think that the issues that PWApps solves for are better-suited to large scale web apps (there’s a reason why Starbucks and Google maps are mentioned) and not so much a set of a features for web animations or Hype-ey features. But we won’t ever limit you from utilizing PWA tech in your exports since you have control over those.

What is on your wish list for PWApps and what do you want to see from Hype in this regard @vmcv?


I make study apps for my students and often teachers at other schools. We use these apps on mobile devices and desktops. I often run into less that satisfactory results with the apps. Sometimes the audio bugs out with static or some assets won’t play at all. As for desktop usage, I’m often surprised to find that even people who seem quite used to using computers can’t work their way into the directory and double click the index file, even after naming it “click here”. That’s why Ive been surfing around trying to figure out how to make .app and .exe wrappers for html files produced by Hype and Keynote exports. PWAs would be another solution, I think.

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