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Is there a way to export my hype project as a pdf file or export each slide as a jpg? It does not need to have the animations attached, just a screenshot of the end slide.


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You could do a screen shot using the “shift + command + 4” key combo.

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Hi Tara!

Greg’s suggestion may be appropriate for your needs for a few~several images. I’m not clear on what a “screenshot of the end slide” references exactly. The “end” slide is just one image from the project? You make a reference to multiple slides the sentence before.

The approach below assumes there are lots of slides You wish to isolate from your Hype project and that they are on an animated timeline(s).

You can export your Hype project as a PNG sequence:
In the Hype Menu Bar: “File” menu > “Export as Movie” > “PNG Sequence…”.

This sequence will be based on what is occurring~animating on timelines. Animations that require clicking on a button, or other triggers of this sort, will not show up in the PNG sequence.

Once Hype exports your PNG sequence You can look through the sequence to select exactly the images You want.

You can then convert the selected PNG files to PDF or JPEG format using the Mac’s “Preview” application.

More info on Hype’s “Export as Movie” feature:


Thanks Greg, I did this but I just wanted to see if there was a simpler way. Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks Jim, I will give this a go :slight_smile:

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I know this is an old post, but I’m looking for the same result.

I tried this suggestion, and I got hundreds of PNGS of only my first slide.

Anyone know what that happens?



Posting your project here on the Forum would be most useful to answer your question effectively.

If it is too big, confidential, etc. then post an example project that displays the same issue.

Have a look at this answer…

can also use the “Print” dialogue, then Save As option, 1 less step than command shift 4 because you dont have to rename the file.

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