Export the complete document as Symbol

(ioserg) #1

Hi, is there a way to export a full document with several scenes as a Symbol?
I want to integrate it to another Hype document.



Not a whole doc. You could gather all elements into a symbol on each scene and export those.

You could probably “embed” your doc inside the other doc too. Depending on your situation and what is is you’re doing.

Symbols are only for gathering elements on a scene by scene basis unfortunately.

(Pete) #3

What were you hoping to achieve if there was a symbol export?

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Thanks DBear, I’m gonna have to try something different like embedding or exporting each scene to see what works best.

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I’t trying to showcase some products sliding from left and right, but I don’t want to use timelines. I wanted to be able to swipe left and right using scenes.

(Pete) #6

I see, yes this a fairly easy thing to accomplish using hypes ui. For your example you won’t really need an export of symbols rather I think what your looking for is what’s called a persistent symbol allowing you to reuse or repurpose a symbol in any of the scenes.

Here’s a quick walkthrough

Below is a hype doc example from hypes gallery showcasing a slideshow made from scenes

Generally what you need to do is assign a click or swipe action to a scene or next or previous scenes of your choice and apply a transition choose from right to left, left to right, top to botttom, bottom to top.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks petester, I got some new ideas from both the video and your example.