Export Sprite sheet as a JPeG?

Is there a way to export or convert an imported image sequence turned into a sprite through Hype from a PNG into a JPeG?

I have a bunch of square sized images rendered out, with no transparency. Output as a PNG the sprite sheet is about 4.5MB, :crazy_face: while all files combined as a JPeG are ‘only’ 475Kb in total. :thinking:

Thanks for the suggestion–right now the sprite sheets are PNGs to support transparency but there will definitely be cases when that’s not needed.

After export, drag your spritesheet (and any other images) into Imageoptim to get a few more bytes squeezed out.

If there is no transparency in the image at all, and “Automatically optimize when exporting” is checked, then it probably should convert to a jpeg automatically.

If this is the case, then can you send the .hype document along with the original source of the sprite sheet to take a look? Thanks!

Cool, and thank you for the reply. :smiley: I’ll send an email at support with the files.
It’s weird though, I remember now that I’ve used the sprite sheet function in the past and got a JPeG as an output when there was no transparency.

Thanks - I took a look at the file you sent. It has pixels with alpha values in the unused frames in the bottom row, so Hype will not convert to a jpeg because of detecting this. If a sprite sheet has an exact number of frames to fill the whole file it actually wouldn’t be a problem.

When Hype constructs a Sprite Sheet, it does not use a background fill in case the frames themselves have alpha components. It seems like we should look at the individual frames; if none of them have an alpha then we should apply an opaque background fill so that it can get optimized as a jpeg down the pipeline.

I’ve filed this as a bug. Thanks!