Export script failure, no error

(Nathan) #1

Is there some error message or report log for export scripts to indicate whether or not they have successfully executed? I’m having some odd instances where the script runs and I get exported files, but not all the things the script is supposed to do has actually happened. Specifically, I noticed the ad size meta tag is missing, the click tag is missing, and the files aren’t zipped. Instead, for example, the resulting output is a series of folders with .zip added to their name. I would love to troubleshoot this but without an error message or crash log of some kind I have no idea where to begin.

(Jonathan Deutsch) #2

The application itself could definitely do better error reporting; this is something I’d like to tackle.

Errors are reported if you set a preference and look in the right place; please see the Seeing Arguments and Capturing Output section of the documentation.