Export Script clicktag wrong?

I kept getting rejected by Google’s HTML5 validator and discovered that the export script is inserting this in the head:

window.clickTag = "http://example.com";

When actually I thought it was supposed to be:

var clickTag = "http://example.com";

So I run a batch find and replace on all the html files and that fixes the error. Am I missing something here or is that a mistake?

Functionally they are the same thing in this case; it looks like Google recently changed their validator to prefer the var method. I’ll update the export script soon to reflect this change.

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I also noticed that the latest version packages the javascript into the HTML instead of linking to an external js file. That also solves the issue with the cache-busting query in the URL.

The DoubleClick Campaign Manager export script has been updated for this change; it should now pass the validator.

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Thanks! You guys are pretty darn awesome. I don’t know of any other developer that is this responsive to requests.

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