Export of Tumult inbuilt fonts (Futura on a PC)

I looked around at the forums for this, but couldn't find an answer.

I have used Tumult's in-built Futura font. However, when I export the file, it does not contain Futura woff, ttf files etc. in Resources. Any idea how to get them to export? Or am I misunderstanding how those Fonts are to be used?

The result is that on most computers that don't have Futura already on them, the font does not show.


Browsers running Windows don't make this available on the web, since the font is only licensed for Macs. A bit more info here:


If it's for a company's specific branding, they could license the font. Alternatively, you could find a similar font on Google Fonts and use that.

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Ok. Makes sense.

Thank you!

Forking fork. :expressionless:

Thanks for the infomation though!

I had the same problem and I could substitute Futura by the Google Font called Alata.

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