Export movie with JS effect


I have adapted this solution Count Up Numbers with various Values in order to create an effect for a movie.

The effect should be like this:

- as I have the movie as a screen recording.

But as I export the movie, it does not keep the effect of loading, it shows only the final number, without the counting up, like this:

Could somebody tell me if there is a way to keep the counting up effect in the exported movie from Hype?
This is also the hype file used: Counting Up.zip (1.3 MB)

Thank you!

Hype’s video export doesn’t work in real time - it will pause between frames to (as best as possible) ensure the frame is fully rendered. you could frequently check the time of a timeline known to be animating in Hype and perform actions based on that.

Thank you @h_classen!
I understand that all the exports should be related to activity from the timeline and effects like JS, that are not related to the timeline, will not be rendered including the effects, but only as the final output.
Is that right?
Thank you!

Everything Setup with Hypes onboardtools should Work :smiley:

Most js- additional will Work too. It's Just the thing with setinterval, settimeout, requestanimationframe ...

Thank you @h_classen again!