Export in SVG animation?

I created 18 animations with Hype and delivered in Gif, mov and code to the client. Now he is asking me to send the files in SVG because he’s working on Wordpress. In my knowledge there’s no way to export an animation in SVG, so what is he talking about? Is there a way to export an animation in SVG format?

If you look at the source code, you can see the SVG. However, that doesn't include the animation created in Hype.

Maybe the client doesn’t know what he needs. I will send him transparent background GIFs and the HTML5 export and see if that works for him.

One can animate SVG… with tools like https://www.keyshapeapp.com/, and I created a infographic the other day based on it. But in general, you can't export those kinds of SVG animations from Hype. Also, keyshape adds JavaScript into the SVG and many uploader for SVG strip JS from SVG to prevent malicious SVG. There are also ways to animate SVG using CSS animations, but those are limited.

Hi, there's a free and more powerful version for that. It's called Animator: https://www.haikuanimator.com/ It's Open Source and very easy to use. Save your money. Keyshape is unstable and buggy (I bought it). I was asking for a way to export it using Hype. I see now that is not possible. Thanks for your help.

There can be a lot of differences in capability, performance, and accessibility between an SVG animation and an HTML-based one. (In fact, SVG's native animation format SMIL is deprecated, so this means most SVG animations have to use the same techniques like javascript or at least CSS control as HTML-based animations anyhow)

Also note that SVG is not required to view animations on WordPress. Wordpress is HTML-based, and fully capable of displaying the HTML exports from Hype. It is possible to manually upload/add the code to display animations, or use the Hype Animations WordPress plugin that does it for you:

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Thank you @jonathan I think this plugin will help the client to achieve his goals.

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