Export HTML5 using command line



I have 300 hype-documents and
I have to export them 300 times to get HTML format.

So, I want to do this heavy job using command-line.
Please tell me a way using a command line.

(I tried AppleScript. And I found that Hype dose not support AppleScript.)


(Nick ) #2

Have you tried using Automator in the Mac OS?


We tried this way but it doesn’t work, also it applies only to one file and not to all the files in the folder. We’d like to have something similar to

hype2.app --export project.hype
or even better
hype2.app --export --folder project_folder
but there are no such solutions proposed online. Is there a way to use the command line, as asked by amrkm, or another solution to export a lot of projects at once? (again, automator does not do the trick)