Export Gif with transparent background and transparent animation

Hi guys! I want to export a gif with transparent bg & animation. Here’s the file: bus-flash.hype.zip (273.2 KB)
I know how to achieve the transparent background, but when I exported the gif, the 2 green circles lost thier transparent changes, became a solid circle…
I’d like to know how to keep the transparent animation~ Thank you all~:relaxed::relaxed:


so i’d guess no semitransparence is possible.
a png-sequence should work though.

… but somehow best possibitlity seems to be svg-animation.
At the moment Hype does not support an export of svg animated by css, but it’ll be a nice featurerequest.

Thank you, I know how to do the gif with transparent background, but when I exported it, the transparent element lost their transparent. just like this:



no semitransparence :frowning: for gifs

have a look at the link above.

animating the circles by svg <-> css should not be that hard:

Here is a possible concrete setup:

please press ‘run’ on the left windowsite

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WOW, it’s awesome! Thank you very much! I’ll try it~

BTW: such animation can easily be start/stopped by toggling the class that holds the animation …