Export Flags / Tags

(Robert M. Münch) #1

Use Case: Export different versions (language, area, you-name-it) of an animation and keep the project in one hype file.

Proposed Solution: For every object I can specify a flag / tag which I can select in the export step. So, I could export only those parts that have the DE flag set, or the EN flag etc.

Advantages: I can keep my project in one place, which avoids that I have to propagate animation changes over several files.

(Jonathan Deutsch) #2

Thanks for the suggestion!

(Robert M. Münch) #3

Just to be more specific: My idea is, that I have the hype object only once but have things like “innerHTML” etc. (you can expand this to all properties of an object) as many times as needed and flag / tag each property. So the export than specifies which version to use.

That would be very cool.

(Jonathan Deutsch) #4

Gotchya. My current recommendation would be to give the element an ID and then run some “On Scene Load” javascript that sets the innerHTML based on a global javascript variable. This variable could be easily modified after an export. Still a bit manual though - I’d definitely like to improve how localization can be built into Hype documents.