Export element to use in other apps

Ello ello ello…
I’m looking to export an animated toggle button to pass to another dev team to use in several projects. (iPad apps and native windows app)
Is there a way to do this?
I know I can do it with Lottie but that means remaking it.
Thanks for advice!!
toggle.zip (15.6 KB)


It depends on the technology stack behind the apps. More and more apps are making use of a web stack, but it’s really up to the dev team. If you are able to embed any kind of web content in whatever the team uses to build the app, then you’re good to go.

The app(s) might be able to display a series of exported PNG frames, which you can get by selecting File > Export as Movie > PNG sequence.

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That’s good advice from Daniel. It also depends on how tight your connection is with said developers. If it’s rather lose or you plan on handing it off to a big cooperation often a motion guide and some resources that can be measured and extracted suffice. Then each developer (team) can decide for themselves how to implement the animation in their native environment to match your motion guide and preview given your resources.

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So they ended up asking for js.
I exported the scene and element at size, then went into the hype_generated_script.js and made the scene background transparent as it was showing solid white.
Now they are asking:

Is there a specific method we can call or an event we can listen for in order to tell that the button state has been changed?
We want to set the state of the button in the code. Right now Chinese is always the starting button state, which would be incorrect if you chose english when you hit the start button from home screen.

Does anyone have any ideas?

*attached is the updated toggle
toggle_76.zip (133.4 KB)