Export as Movie > Video, with a video on the timeline = lag

I have a 1920x1080px, 30 fps video made with SketchUp Pro.

That video clip (7 seconds) has been imported to Hype. (Same scene size.)
In Hype, on top of the video, there are some animated elements.

The output should be a new video.

However I set up the export options; 30fps… 25 fps… Codec H.264 with a high bitrate allowed… or with ProRes…

…about every second, there is a lag in the video that is in the bottom layer of the Hype scene.

25 fps for the 3D animation, then exported to 25 fps makes it less lagging, that 30fps for the 3D animation and 30fps for the export from Hype.

However, still this chop, like every second in the exported video.

Any hints?

A screen recording of the Hype document is not an option, since it simply does not play smoothly in the browser.

This would be a great document for us to test on a few machines to see if we can narrow this down. (If you can send it to use as a bug report that would be great, using Help > Report an Issue).

If you're in a time crunch for getting this together, here's how I combine the video + Hype animation:

  1. Export your Tumult Hype animation as a png frame sequence: File > Export as Movie > PNG Sequence at the same framerate as your Sketchup video.
  2. Import that sequence into your video editor and overlay it over the SketchUp Pro video.

Thanks Daniel, I will send a sample. :slight_smile:

PNG sequence… will not be transparent PNGs, I think?

Have to figure out what blend mode to use in the video editor… + the Hype scene background colour, so that the overlay with the PNG sequence does not affect the background colour of the 3D animation (video)… or any other colour…

You better try it :wink:

Make sure transparent background is checked in the document inspector.

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This post has another option.

Ah thanks!!

I have tried this before, but never associated transparent background in exports with the Hype document setting, although aware of this Hype document setting. Perhaps a 'transparent background' checkbox should be present in the export dialoge for those export formats that supports it.

Worked perfect with a PNG sequence in Premiere Pro, with transparent background, on top of the 3D-rendered video.

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Files sent via 'Provide Hype Feedback'.

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Thanks! I have a fix and sent you a build to try :slight_smile:.

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Hi Jonathan,
Thanks for the super fast feedback!
Sorry for the delay… been busy with a lot of work.

Now I have tested the build. With 25fps and 30 fps exports, 1920x1080 and 3840x2160. With Hype animations including video layers; it seems to work very well!
Can't find any lag issues.


Great, I'm glad that worked!

The change will be in the next bugfix release we do, though since we just pushed out a 4.0.6 it might be a bit since there's nothing else in the 4.0.x pipeline currently. Feel free to continue to use the build I sent you. (It does expire in 10 weeks but I'm guessing will make its way into an official release before then)

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Hype becomes a good candidate for complex compositions compared with e.g. After Effects — if Hype animations with video clips, elements with blend modes… etc can be handled within Hype and exported as video, with good quality. (Been working with a video project the last weeks.)

To add something more to the 4.0.x pipeline, within this specific area; can the export time be shortened somehow, somewhat?

Glad to hear that!

I was thinking the same thing about render times while working on this problem :slight_smile:. In fact, part of the fix to this bug will make rendering take longer.

Unfortunately there's not a magic bullet to shorten the time; because Hype uses WebKit to render each frame we do not get detailed information when the frame is fully ready. This means we need to introduce arbitrary delays; in fact we detect there is a video on the scene we have a minimum .2 second delay per frame to insure the video changes as seeks can sometimes take a while.

I had an idea of doing parallel renderers that could do every N frame, but I have a feeling this might lead to obscure issues involving custom javascript. Instead I may just make the renders not be document modal and go into another window so they can operate in the background.

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Ok, I understand.

In my experience so far with Hype as the main tool for animations, interactive presentations, demos etc… it is not that often export for video is used.

It has worked fine with video exports for a long while, if there where no video clips on the timeline.

The test build worked fine for with all video export tests made, including video on the timeline. Happy with that!

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