Expandable Banners

Hi I work for an advertising agency and I’m looking to start using hype instead of adobe edge/flash/dreamweaver as a tool to create expandable banners. I am unsure about how to set up a file as an expandable banner. I have created a banner using two scenes, one of each size however doing this does not allow the larger scene to takeover the page on the host’s sites. Instead all content is contained with the host sites iframe container. Is there a technique to set up a file correctly as an expandable file or do I need to supply two separate html files?

If the Hype project is contained in an iFrame, I'm not sure if it's possible to break out of that box. If the project was embedded on the page itself, then maybe some creative JavaScript could be applied for full-page effects. I haven't tried that though, so I'm not sure.

Please see this post for an expanding ad example: Expanding Banners

Thank you for your help.

Do you know if it is possible to embed a vimeo or youtube to a hype
timeline and have it auto play from it’s start one it gets to a specific
frame on the hype timeline?

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David Flanagan


Is this related to expanding banners?

To work with videos like this, you’ll need to use either Youtube or Vimeo API – they have libraries built for controlling video playback this way:

I don’t have experience with this workflow, but there’s likely someone here who has. Running a API function at a specific time can be accomplished by running JavaScript as a Timeline Action: http://tumult.com/hype/documentation/3.0/#timeline-actions

Hi @DaveF

Here is a post I did a while back on syncing youtube and vimeo videos.

You'll be able to see how I added media element and / or the API for the respective videos into Hype.

This should help.


Thank you for your time I’m still a little lost. I have an expandable banner that needs to trigger a vimeo video once clicked on. Also the video needs to stop once the close button is clicked…

How lost are you?

Going by what you’ve said you need to go through the steps to add a vimeo video. The 2nd scene in the document supplied by following the link above should help you there. What you can then do is create an action in your animation for the expanding timeline that calls a javascript function to play the vimeo video. (or a mouse click or any other event). Then you can call a different function for stop when you click the close button. You would have to look at the vimeo API docs for theses codes.