Exit the Viewport

We created a simple hockey interaction game. The user will tilt the tablet to try to get the puck in the net (Exit the Viewport). When the puck goes into the net, a message displays in the middle of the screen. What we would like this to do is display a different message depending on what side the puck goes in, left or right.
Is there a way in Hype that I can achieve this?

There’s not a built-in method so it would require custom JavaScript. There have been some previous posts on the forums about collision detection with Physics, that could probably be adapted. I seem to recall this was one of the main threads:

There’s more code when searching for “collision detection” but I’m not sure what would be the best example to use.

Thanks so much for your input Jonathan. I appreciate your time. I will
continue to research this and find a way to write some code.