Exit ClickTag too sensitive on IOS

Hi Tumult Forums!

We are creating HTML5 creative in Hype and we had some issue regarding IOS.

Our CTR is way too high and after some investigations, we have found that this issue comes from the creative being way too sensitive on our ios mobile app.

People who accidentally scroll over the ad are instantly redirected. Did any of you have seen and resolved that issue? Is there a way to make the touch event being less sensitive on ios app?


I haven't heard of this being a problem. Assuming you aren't using the clicktag-triggering event on a viewport enter/exit handler, my guess would be that you are setting it using the On Mouse Down (Touch Start) event which will immediately fire when a tap begins. Instead it should be placed on an On Mouse Click (Tap) event, which will not fire if the tap position changes, like in the case of a drag-to-scroll.

If that does not fix it for you, feel free to send the document, which export script you are using if any, and a sample context where it is embedded as I'd be curious what is going on.