Exclude element from sceneTransition

I'm sure this has been asked before, but I couldn't find a solution in the forum: I want to exclude certain elements from the scene transition, the elements should neither be moved spatially nor faded in and out. I actually thought that this could be achieved by using persistent symbols, but it doesn't work...

Persistent symbol…

What doesn’t work? It gets moved by the runtime from scene to scene in the DOM. If you want to avoid that you would need to move it outside of the scenes below the document container or create it on the fly. If you move it… to avoid id errors keep the original but empty it out … Hype might else through an error when trying to find it.

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An you post your non working example with the persistent symbol, what you describe should work with them but seeing what you are trying to do would help understanding

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Sorry folks. Of course this works with a persistent symbol. Sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees... I had other side effects in my project... But - if the symbol is in a scale wrapper, it briefly scales down during the scene transition...

sceneTransitionScaleWrapper.zip (40.3 KB)

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Before I proffer my idea > I know on the Forum we like having any issues isolated to the nexus of the elements involved when showing an example... so my suggestion may not work in a more complex scenario.

What I did was to move the Symbol out of the "scaleWrapper" grouping in the Timeline layers (physically its position has not been moved on the Stage) and give it the exact same "Flexible Layout" setting as the "scaleWrapper" group.

Result > no jumping around or other changes to the Symbol when changing scenes - whether or not the page has been resized in any manner.

Attached is: "sceneTransitionScaleWrapper_JHS.hype.zip" that demonstrates this adjustment.
sceneTransitionScaleWrapper_JHS.hype.zip (39.9 KB)

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