Example Hype Game


(Tim Bobo) #1

This is a new little game we made with HYPE. I thought it would be fun to share with the group.

Simple Hype Game

(Greg) #2

Fantastic & Fun

(darren_pearson) #3

Great Job!

(Jonathan Deutsch) #4

This is great :smiley:

P.S. I did notice from time to time that clicking on the letters didn’t seem to work (though typing was always fine).

(Gautch) #5

I would love a tutorial on how you built this!

(Muhammad Ilham) #6

Me too

(Tim Bobo) #7

A tutorial would be a good idea. It might be several tutorials, each focusing on a different aspect. I will put this on my to do list and figure out a time to get it done.

(Tim Bobo) #8

Would love to know what platform you were on when the buttons did not work… an maybe how big you had your screen. I thought I had all instances of overlapping invisible objects accounted for. So far I cannot get it to break in my tests. Thanks for letting me know about the bug.

(Jonathan Deutsch) #9

I can’t seem to reproduce it now, it might have been my 27" iMac. Definitely using the latest Safari/macOS at the time I wrote it.

(Tim Bobo) #10

Thanks for the update.

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