Example banners for Adform

How export display banner for platform Adform? With a clear explanation. And maybe with a simple workflow or a export file.

Hi Sam,

There’s documentation online here: https://support.adform.com/documentation/build-html5-banners/html5-banner-formats/standard-html-ad/

You can build normally for regular clickTag, just add the adform js file & a manifest.json file.

Your manifest file is a text file listing all display add assets, details here : https://support.adform.com/documentation/build-html5-banners/html5-banner-specifications/required-files-structure/

I’ve attached a simple template for you that I use as a starting point - hope that helps.

TEMPLATE_ADFORM.hype.zip (12.3 KB)

N.B. I dont work for Tumult Hype, Im a developer who builds display ads for work and sometimes have to build for AdForm - this template has worked for me before.