Ex Adobe Edge Animate User looking at viability of Hype

I liked EA for it’s ease of use. Unfortunately Adobe has discontinued support. Not happy.

I need to create a project that looks similar to this:

Can you create this with Hype?

Looks like it can be broken down into different sections and using menu and anchor tags to navigate between sections.


This might be what you're looking for...

It's an "Action" for elements. The menu is easy. It's just a group that sits at the bottom. Or if you want to breakup the layout into scenes, and not just have vertical scrolling, a persistent symbol is also another way to do the menu.

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The animations themselves look pretty doable - I’m a biased source but Hype is generally more powerful than Edge Animate was ;).

The viewport actions (aka waypoints) are a great way to trigger animations when scrolled to. It is up to you on how you want to break it up; you could do the whole page as one large Hype document, or split it up into different documents and glue it together via HTML. I’d personally do separate animations because it will be easier to work with.

There’s a 14-day fully functional trial, so the best way is to play around and make sure it can accomplish what you want.

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Thanks Michael!

Thanks Jonathan! I’ll take it for a spin.

How would you animated the numbers counting up to a specific value?
Can you animate stroking a percent of a circle or semicircle. i.e 28% of it.

Thanks again.

The text contents (InnerHTML) of elements is animatable, so you could make keyframes. I've seen others drive it with code, which might be easier if you're familiar with JavaScript.

Hype uses the HTML5 DOM, so a little bit of trickery is involved in making a a circular element like that. These threads have example documents making a circle loader with numbering:

Great! I will try these.

Wow! Great advise. Looks like there is a thriving community here with invaluable resources and idea exchanges. I truly appreciate all the feedback. Much Mahalo (thanks in Hawaiian)! - Aloha