EVENT! Tumult Hype Demo Thursday with Jonathan Deutsch in LA County

Hello, LA County area!

Swing over to the Glendale, California Apple Store on July 14th (Thursday) for a demo from Tumult CEO Jonathan Deutsch. He’ll be showing off some tips and tricks in Hype and if you’re lucky he’ll answer all your burning questions.

Rough Schedule:

8:30am- 8:40am Intro
8:40am- 9:20am Demo
9:20am-10:00am Q&A

RSVP by emailing theamericanaatbrandbusiness@apple.com

Facebook Event.


If i was at all close by then I would attend, although, that’s a tad bit early for me. BTW, could you get a longer email address I’m not sure that one is long enough :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You're on the East Coast. Maybe you should host an event in NYC. (Maybe weekends are better too.) I already know how to use Hype, but maybe the designers in Manhattan might appreciate an easy way to make interactive HTML5 content.

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Have fun Jonathan

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Thanks!, I’m looking forward to it!

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best performance! :slight_smile:


@Daniel @jonathan really cool!
good luck


Gratz… I don’t have the time to fly over.


I wish I was there :frowning: but good luck from me :slight_smile:


Hey @Jonathan – Did this event go well?

Yeah! It was fun to present to folks at the Apple store. There were a number that had used Hype and asked great questions (I even got into persistent vs. regular symbols and relative timelines!). I’m hoping to have the opportunity to do more talks at Apple stores from it.


Oh, and @h_classen, I even showed off pacman as an example on how to mix and match javascript :slight_smile:


though, if i see it right, it’s not the final version whatever reason for … hope it’s been stable :slight_smile:
best weekend!


Oh, it was the one you sent us for the gallery. Want to DM @Daniel the updated version?

I’m on holiday😀 But it’s definitly hosted on hypedocks.com

Great stuff. Was any of it recorded ?

No fully videos; it was mainly just an introduction to Hype.

Of course I’ll take this post to plug that if anyone is interested in learning about more in-depth techniques and meeting with fellow creators, there’s The Hype Conference this October in Nashville!

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That may be a stretch for me from the uk, but maybe one day ..:grin:

Yeah, or even Germany Mr. Deutsch.

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