Error trying to replace files in library

I’ve begun to run into an error when I try to use the ‘Replace’ button in the library tab when re-importing a graphic with the same name as the original.

The error for a particular example is -> “The file “subTitle.png” couldn’t be saved in the folder “HypeScratch.U6RR52”.”

I don’t recall having this issue before. Any ideas?

Are you using the latest update, Hype v3.5.5? (You can check via the ‘Hype > About Hype’ menu).

Yes v3.5.5. None of the graphics can be ‘replaced’ or re-imported without the error. When I originally created the file I know I did it extensively with several of the graphic files in the library with no issue, but that was also with an earlier version of Hype.

Interesting… Do you mind sending this as an issue via the ‘Help > Report an Issue…’ menu so we can get some logs? Also, if you relaunch Hype does it occur? I’d be useful to know if your .hype document is on a networked/shared/synced/or removable folder/drive too. Thanks!

Sure no problem. It does occur after quitting and relaunching. The document is not on a network or shared/removable volume, but locally on an internal HD. Thanks.

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It may be worth noting that the document I’m working on was duplicated from another one, that had links to external graphics. The duplicate has been moved to a new location.

I’m having the same issue. Did this ever get solved? Also from a duplicated document

Unfortunately not. I was in the middle of a deadline at the time and didn’t have bandwidth to trouble shoot it further. I’ve duplicated the same file for versioning and all of them still do it. I have to import a new graphic file under a new name and drag it onto the canvas as a new instance copying all the animations to it to swap out a graphic in order not to get the error. Even if you delete the old one from the library first and re-import a new one with the same name it causes issues with my particular document. Starting a fresh new doc works as normal though.

I am having the same issue.
opened a hype project (saved pre-3.6.1) and I cannot replace any of the assets without the aforementioned error. showstopper…

We have more data on the bug and hope to address this promptly due to its severity.

Any fixes on this bug? I’ve still got this issue running 3.6.3 (professional). The file I’m working on was created by duplicating an old file but I can’t replicate the issue by creating a new file and then duplicating it. I’ll log an error report too.

This was fixed in v3.6.4!

Please update to the latest (v3.6.6 as of this posting) via the Hype > Check for Updates… menu or downloading the direct tumult store version. If on the Mac App Store, open the App Store application and visit the Updates tab.

Thanks Jonathan yes should have checked that first!