Error on hype reflect

(robitster) #1

My preview works OK on chrome, without sound on safari but on hype reflect I get the follwing error.
> ERROR: DataCloneError: The object can not be cloned. URL:user-script:1 L:19


Can you share a sample Hype document so we can check it out?

(robitster) #3

unfortunately this document is under a non disclosure.

(robitster) #4

have you encountered this error before?

(Jonathan Deutsch) #5

It doesn’t look like a common error (and note this is a web error, not specifically one Hype is generating). My guess would be that somewhere is trying to send a DOM element to something that needs a different type like a string, where the element cannot be copied.

Does this happen when you send to Mobile Safari? You can use the webkit developer tools to remotely debug from your Mac and probably get further data and possibly break on the error.

(robitster) #6

I think I erroneously included apple javascript

(Mark Hunte) #7

I think you can get this sometimes in HR when you are console logging an object.

If you do have any console.log() happening, try commenting them out.