Error in Wordpress plugin after last release

Hi guys,
I was very satisfied with the Wordpress plugin you created since the last release ( 3.6.8 - March 27th, 2019) that seems not working well again. Are you planning to solve the issue or is there something that I can made to solve the problem?
Thank you very much to anyone who can help me

Can you elaborate on what kind of problem you are seeing and what the error is?

If you can provide a link to a post where this occurs along with a zip of your .hype document that would be useful.

Thank you!

Hi Jonathan,
thanks for reply! I investigate a little bit trying to search where’s the problem and it seems to be on last update of Tumult Hype program itself after exporting the .oam widget for Wordpress.
Now, when I upload a new .oam on the “Hype Animations” on WP, the plugin duplicates the animation (see image below with ‘Banner_html_3’) and I cannot copy the code anymore because it’s empty (see image below).
I tried again with some .oam widget exported before the last updating and they works fine, so in conclusion I think that the problem comes from the exportation of .oam on Hype itself.
Can you please help me solve this?
Thank you very much

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Can you use the ‘update’ button for the Banner_html_3 item to replace it with your latest export instead of uploading an additional document with the same name? (This might be a bug where we don’t handle duplicates correctly)