Error in runtime js file

(Hans Orre) #1

Hi I’m getting this error - Error in undefined: TypeError: h is not a function after advanced export. What is generating this error. Banner works fine but I want to know is it common error och something my creative make.


(Mark Hunte) #2

Check you do not have any actions with a run Javascript set to ‘none’

(Hans Orre) #3

It does the trick - thanx.


That was helpful… should use search more oftern :slight_smile:
could have saved 30 minutes debugging my own code.

Maybe a candidate to be fixed in Hype 4?

(Jonathan Deutsch) #6

Yes, this is planned, at least to be safe around the issue. (In theory it should never get into this state, but clearly it does somehow!)


One way this happens to me…

  • create a function
  • assign it somewhere
  • delete it in the ressource bin

(Jonathan Deutsch) #8

Excellent, thanks for repro steps!