Error in console APPLY ERR d0=0

Anyone know what is this error.
Occurs in the 2nd scene, no functions, just animations and some behaviors...
Try to isolate the pb, but can't found.

Scene works as expected, no bugs...

you may post a hypefile ...

Thanks, but it's a WIP client work, can't for the moment :sweat_smile:
It was just in case someone had the same message.
I'll try to investigate further and post if I found something.
I think it's a orphan declaration somewhere...

if you've got custom code anywhere ... this'll be the first place to do researchs.

if no custom code is involved, it seems to be a job for the Hype-Support :wink:

may help: Debugging - Easily find which function has an error


I think it´s rather a Hype bug, since it´s not the first time I come across this kind of error message. Very similar to yours, Laurent: Look at the attached Hype file: It´s stripped down to the very basic - no scripting at all. The trouble makers come from the group elements of 'setBack_1' and 'setBack_2', but only in simultaneous presence of the group 'karte' - which is empty and simply does nothing... kind of mystical... :grinning: (16.6 KB)

In the case from @ktewes it is a "Control Element Position" on an empty group.
Maybe its something similar for you.

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I would think the OP error is down to code where it is not finding the elements to read or set the properties.

--- this is an aside
Hah, never noticed that one before. I cannot see any reason for @ktewes to get that error. I would not expect there being a problem on setting a drag control on an empty group. I assume the drag is looking for child elements to control and not finding them.

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Thanks for the report! Seems like this shouldn't add any extra noise to the console. @LaurentSoHype Can you remove that 'drag' action to resolve this?

In 'real life' the group isn´t empty. Just wanted to make sure, that there are no side effects from elements inside the group...

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New approach… in the error message we see the shorthand code Hype tries to apply. I compiled a list from what I found in the app resources:

dP = BezierPathPatternHeight
dE = BezierPathStrokeColor

The error originates from the applyValue function when resolving the reverse lookup.


Thanks @MaxZieb for this list !
I found what happened :
I imported a svg and then convert it into shape (with right click) then CMD + Z...
Can't reproduce the pb from scratch on a new scene, but if I delete the elements the scene with the pb, it's ok.
When I retried from scratch I got this, perhaps a source of error...

Thanks !

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