Entire Website via hype

Is it possible to make a website using the program I really like the idea of my website looking like a interactive site, I wouldn’t want everything as I have a store and I would have a separate checkout window but just wondering if it’s possible if the website or hype code would fill up the entire screen or maybe a way to launch the from the website via a start now button or something. And be able to go back to the website when nessessary

You can use features like the HTML Widget element to embed other pages within a Hype document.

The primary purpose of Hype is to create animations and interactive content as part of other websites. That said, if your page has a high degree of animation/interactivity, it may be better to make it all in Hype - and several people have had success doing so. But it does not contain all the tools you might typically expect from web page building software, so it is a bit dependent on your needs!