Ensure elements 'stay together'

Please take a look at www.dshealthevolution.com

On the home page I have a header symbol
The first Element contains a video.
The second Element contains some HTML text
The third Element is an image

When resizing the browser the text element expands and show the text okay.( ie it flows down the page )
The issue I have is the 3rd element is not 'sticking to the bottom of the 2nd Element.

I have tried various setting but can't get it to work.

What is the best workflow please.

Hype uses absolute positioning and element positions relative to a textflow are not supported ...

But: If your element does not need any hyperelated behaviors you can simply add it (in your case an image) to the innerHTML of your textflow-element and apply some regular css like css float ...

Hi Hans,

thanks for the input. Unfortunately the image is a hyperlink to another page. ( SignUp ). Can I add the image with a link to a certain page into the html ?

google for the a-tag which 'links' to an URL ...