Enabling forms on Hype projects

I KNOW that this has been discussed before!
I have read all the postings

the issue for me is when I include jQuery to my project there are a ton of other issues and it still does not work.

I am OK with putting a PHP file for the posting of the email on the server (this part works).
I need to be able to set one scene where I have the contact us form and from there initiate the email PHP function//.

Please let me know this is possible.

Other alternatives would be to embed another HTML as an iframe (already tried to use the HYPE project but did not work.

Thanks in advance.


My first step would be to remove the dependency on jQuery. I’m not sure why a whole library would be needed if all you’re doing is a web form.

This should totally work. Trying again is the second suggested step. An HTML widget is basically an iFrame…


…but an iFrame can be added manually with HTML code in an element.

A browser debugger / Safari Web Inspector can be used to find the error.

Theoretically, the form could be created in HTML in Hype. Your form processor on the server would just have to be able to handle it. I say theoretically, as bad PHP code here can be a career killer. If you don’t sanitize the inputs properly, your server could be compromised. That’s why I don’t use Hype for this. I just send people directly to the form.