Embedding Spline

Hi all,
any idea how to embed a spline object without using an iframe?

spline.zip (390.2 KB)

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spline.hype.zip (404.7 KB)

Hope it'll work, it's just lunch break filler :wink:

edit: sry attached the wrong file :crazy_face:


As always - it looks so easy, if you get it served up on a silver platter... :grinning: Thanks a lot Hans-Gerd, it´s going to be an element in our future kids graphics.


Hi @ktewes
What do you think, would it be possible to "cut out" those SplineApp objects from their canvas-backgrounds and assign "on Drag" -behavior / other actions to them ?

Don‘t know with spline - this is absolutely new to me. Did it with three.js (a spinning globe) - that was an implementation via iFrame talking to Hype. And - yes - that works pretty well. May be, I can post an example later. I‘m out only with my phone.

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So - don´t ask me how. But I did it somehow. :grinning: Long time ago... A concept file... Feel free to use it.

weltwunderConcept.zip (342.9 KB)


Hello, @ktewes Kalle
How did you exported the spline.zip structure with index, runtime.js and scene.json from Spline?
Thank you!

Sorry, to be honest - no idea. If I remember correctly I got the files from our graphic department...

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Thank you @ktewes .
I have some Spline files and I would love to integrate them with Hype. There is no option in Spline to export the archive in this structure. At least I didn't identify it.
Could you, please ask your colleagues about it?
Thank you.

Sorry for my late answer - if I see things right, you can download a zip file under export -> code (experimental) -> download ZIP

And... you´ve of course noticed the post from Max, regarding Spline? Spline Instances in Hype


Thank you anyway!
I hope that Max post will be a great support for the community!
@MaxZieb is a magician of integration in Hype!

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