Embedding Hype in multiple Joomla Modules?

Is someone familiar with Hype and Joomla?
Is it possible to load Hypes-html or Videos in each Modulposition of Joomla, for example in the Header-Position?
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Hype works with Joomla 2.5 on the same way as Joom 3. Necessary is the plugin “sourcerer” and the plugin “custom html” to put hype-stuff on each place of a joomla- website, so the response of the developer of sourcerer.

Sure, I think it will be a little heavy to load the site if you want to add a hype widget into many positions. But Joomla do a custom module, You would use that, and add the code from the exported html file, and put it into the module, making sure the url to the hyperesource folder is correct.

Hello Andrew!
Thank you very much for your answer. I tested it, however i think, it is necessary to use the plugin sourcerer for embedding the html - code in the plugin custom html