Embedding a Google Form

(mmatera) #1

Hello, I tried to use the HTML widget to embed a google form. All that gets displayed is a scroll bar. I really would love the ability to have a google form embedded into a site.

(Andrew) #2

Can you share the doc ?


When you copy this code:

You need to put that code in the ‘Embedded HTML’ section of your HTML widget.

(mmatera) #4

Sorry, this works, but if your form requires google login, which my school does it doesn’t work.

(Andrew) #5

Okay, never used google forms, but i like it now, and I just did a test. For login to happen, you request only one response from a user while in google form settings:

Here is a temp working example of a form

hypeForm.hype.zip (26.0 KB)

Hope it helps :smile: