Embed to squarespace


Can anyone help me how to make it work on squarespace ? I know I have to host it on a ftp server it’s done and it works but how to show it on squarespace ? What is the right iframe code ? How to make the design responsiv on hype ? thanks a lot


here is the file that is hosted on my ftp

It is probably in the public_html directory on your host site and uploaded via ftp.
Saying it is on your ftp server is not really correct.

It is on your website.

It seems square space have a few ways of embedding. Code Blocks looks like what you may need.

I copied the HTML from you example and pasted it into a code block in a page edit.

The page shows ok but since I only have a trial account Javascript will not run.

To be honest, if no one else can chip in here ,
I think the first thing you need to do is go back to square space and go over the how tos…
They also have a forum.

Once you understand how it all works then you will be better positioned to do what you want and ask again here on the parts related to Hype.

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