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Hi Everyone

I host my content in a Learning Management System and I recently tried to use the native Glossary functionality of the LMS to enhance the access to words and concepts in my content. For that to work I have to check ‘Embed Javascript library - jQuery’ in the LMS. When I do, the Hype content becomes inactive (no life whatsoever). Any suggestions on how I could get past this conflict? It will be a lot of work to simulate a Glossary.

Thank you.


URL? It’s difficult to suggest something when not knowing exactly what’s wrong.

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Sorry DBear. I knew someone would ask. I don’t know how to let you see the issue without giving you admin access to an online academy. It gets tricky.
I hoped someone came across this issue and would tell me forget about it, or found something that will help. When one hosts within an already complex environment like an LMS, …?
I thought of deselecting “protect against external styles”, but I don’t think it would work. I want the LMS to look into my document for the text and find the glossary words. I do have ‘include text contents for search engines’ selected at export.
It’s like the jQuery from the LMS forces itself onto the Hype project, then the Hype project stops working. Which makes sense in a way. I was just hoping that one could get the two to work together.


Does your Hype project rely on jQuery at all? Let us know what, if any, scripts you are using or any other relevant info you think you could share. Maybe the name of the LMS, etc.

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LMS: OpenOLAT (Lot of Java in the code. Some php, javascript) OpenSource.
javaScript: I call mostly audio. Pre-load it and then play and pause. I use vivus for svg animation as a library sometimes. Some of my projects use drag and drop scripts.
Most of the content and animation is native to Hype.


You might see console errors in your browser which will give you an indication of what’s not working. Not really sure what might be the problem. You can see console errors in Chrome by pressing option + ⌘ + i, then clicking console in the window that appears.

You can also ctrl + click on where your Hype document would be and see if anything related to jQuery is affecting your Hype element.