Embed hype output in learning management system

Im trying to embed a menu I created with hyperlinks into a learning management system which I would expect would be the same as embedding in wordpress.

I opened html page editor in the LMS and pasted the code for the div tag. The general layout appears in the LMS but it appears twice along with some other irregularities shown in the image. In addition the hyperlinks dont work. Im assuming this is because there is no way to upload the resources folder.

My question is it possible to make this work using a html page editor

Which LMS are you using? From my experience with BB, Moodle & D2L there is no universal answer to your question.

I did this trial in Moodle but was wanting to implement it in canvas. I assumed they would all be the same as any in page HTML editor

Sorry, I can't offer any Canvas-specific insights.

With other LMSs there is usually a way to upload a Hype page and associated resources folder to a file area. Then it is just a matter of pointing your LMS page to the corresponding URL. For instance, in D2L that place is called "managed files" and the page construction option is "load from managed files."

I would search out your campus LMS guru to determine the equivalent process for Canvas. I'm sure this is something they have solved before.

Ah yes that’s a significant clue to the solution. Thank you

SOLVED :slight_smile:

I added the zip as a file resource
Unzipped in Moodle
Deleted the zip file
Selected the index.html file and pressed 'Set main file'