Embed Apple Keynote Presentation

It is very easy to produce an animation with Apple Keynote. I decided to produce one to test.
I am now having a problem with mobile devices (iPhone, iPad etc…) which the embedded link does not centre the animation.
Browser are fine, only mobile devices. What could be the problem?

FarukKEYNOTE PRESENTATION.hypetemplate.zip (20.4 KB)

Click here for the Html link
You need to click on the image to start the animation.

When I swipe on the image or hit the right arrow, it does seem to advance the presentation for me. Are you running iOS 9.3.2?

I do notice the positioning is pretty off; I suspect that the Keynote player may not like being embedded in an iframe.

Dear Jonathan,

Yes I am running 9.3.2. I understand that the Keynote doesn’t like being embedded somehow. Keynote also doesn’t like full screen html export too. It’s a shame I like it as a design tool for presentation.
I would suggest that feature version of Hype should have some presets, Keynote-like-animations, for a quick and easy production.

Thanks, Faruk

Thanks for the feedback!