Embed an HTML „virtual“ directory inside of a Hype

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I want to create a .oam widget with Hype. For this, all objects must be integrated in the hype document. The data comes from pano2VR ggnome.com

With the iframe — "<iframe src = ${resourcesFolderName}/index.html ; style= 'position:fixed; top:0px; left:0px; bottom:0px; right:0px; width:100%; height:100% ' "— I get the index.html to run.
But only the Java part is running. The panorama, which consists of many individual parts, is not displayed. This is because both the "tiles" and "webxr" folders cannot be loaded into Hype.

My problem is how to get the subfolders into Hype. Is it not possible to create a virtual folder in Hype.
Or create a virtual directory in Javascript that simulates the name of the folder. something like this ... ${resourcesFolderName}/myVirtualFolder/…....

I don't know, I have no more ideas

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This is a great suggestion -- at this time there are no folders created or managed within the resources library. For now, you would need to get your pano2vr document on your server first, and then use an absolute URL to load it within an iframe in Hype.

(A bit more discussion on this: Organize Resources Library with folders )

Hi Daniel,
yes i do, it works very well with hype! take a look http://punk.blue
I'm currently working a lot with iBooks. With apple widgets I even get the panoramas to run in the iBooks.
‎1 NFT-ARTBOOK in Apple Books

Since Apple is now discontinuing support for iBooks Author, I am urgently looking for an alternative. Widgets cannot be integrated in Page. It remains only to load oam in inDesign and output it as an EPUB.

Hype was my last hope.

You can't load an Apple widget into Hype and then output it as an OAM widget?

That's not something Hype can do -- this is a format that is meant for the Mac Dashboard (deprecated) and iBooks Author (deprecated).

Have you tried Pubcoder? They might let you embed individual folders with multiple nested assets: Embedding a HTML5 Animation made with Tumult Hype in PubCoder

You wouldn't be using Hype for this, but instead dragging your pano2vr export into Pubcoder.

Hi Daniel,
Thank you for the idea with PubCoder. Hype is doing very well. Unfortunately not with Pano2Vr. I'll try the suppurt at PubCoder. Maybe they have an idea. Thank you, greetings Ralf