Email signatures

I am new to HYPE 3, and wondered if there is a way to export to Outlook for Email signatures?

Hi, Sorry, what do you mean??

Can you use Hype to create an email signature and then export into outlook for Mac?

Maybe, if you export it as an animated GIF - not sure tho, I don’t use Outlook.

I suspect it will not work as HTML because of the structure of hype and it’s resource folder.

You’re limited to either taking a screenshot of your Tumult Hype document, or exporting as an Animated GIF because email clients do not support JavaScript.

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Hello! How did this turn out for you? I find myself having to reset an email signature, always excited to use HYPE in projects when I can, and so a search in the forums brings me here 5 years later. Any luck with the endeavor?

Hype animations require JavaScript, which isn't allowed to run in email clients. Therefore about the best you can do that will be widely compatible is an Animated GIF for email.

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thank you!