Email action on iPhone 11


Creating my new website with Hype 4. Everything is fine except the action to compose an email does not work on an iPhone 11. Anyone else has this issue? I tried to find on the forum. What to do? Or what do I do wrong?


I don’t think it’s you.

First, I tested it on desktop…

It worked, but throws a warning if I try to do it automatically (on scene load). It works without the warning if I use a button / on click action.

So, I tested it on iOS (iPad Air 2, using iPad OS 13.3.1 Build 17D50) — Nothing happened!

So, I tried it as a button — nothing happened!

That information doesn’t solve the problem, but it does confirm that there’s a problem.

Thank you Photics! I appreciate it. I tried everything. No luck. So I made a contact form and that worked.

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Interesting… The alert does show up on an iPhone/iOS 13.3.1 for me:

@Photics you weren’t testing in Reflect were you? (it knowingly will not show up there)

Yes, I was testing on Reflect. It is the first time I am using Reflect.

Ah, I was testing with Reflect. I did not know that was a problem.

Sorry - we do have a bug tracking this issue. I believe most dialogs like alert() presently won’t pop up.