eMagazine build in hype

Does anyone have experience with this in combination with hype?

I haven’t done a full magazine in Hype and although you can do layouts you would need to repeat the layout for mobile. There is no automatic mobile version. If it’s an Magazin you might also be more content focused and need a multi author environment that is easily and online accessible. Go for something like readymag or WordPress in my opinion. On the other hand if you are heavily animating and exploring experimental layouts I guess you could go all Hype. You can also combine traditional Content management and Hype using it for widgets and navigation.

Hi Max,

done some readyMag projects. That is a lovely system and easy for everyone to generate content and work together.

And the moment we don’t have that much content and we would build it all ourselves. From Text, Audio, Video, Images and interaction. We like doing that. But indeed the point you made with mobile layouts. Hype doesn’t have an automatic scale mode. That could mean double work. One cannot leave mobile out these days.

Readymag has also limited support for mobile in the traditional responsive approach. Readymag makes relayout necessary for mobil and tablet and you need to reposition every element. So it’s similar to hype.

If you have low volume content and want to impress with new cutting edge interactive elements then Hype might be the thing for you … given you understand and structure your file right.

The traditional responsive approach is good for content and text focused pages as the mobile version comes for “free” through the grid or column based layoutframework. Doesn’t mean you don’t have to tweak certain layouts but mostly that’s a quick process.

I have been using elementor lately on Wordpress and found it to be very nice to work with. If you feel like Wordpress might be an option. In that sense Brizy is also very nice.

For static pages have a look at Pinegrow that has visual CSS grid support. That’s pretty powerful.

But all those solutions are form heavy and each system has its limits and advantages.


I’ll start a test and see what pops up as not pleasend to work with.

In the past I used Hype + Baker Framework for an iPad Magazine. The magazine lasted only for two numbers, but it was an interesting learning. I do’t know if Baker Framework is still in development by the community, but in short it was a fast way to make a hypbid app for iOS with Web Technologies.

I used to work a lot with folks on Baker books, but haven’t in a few years. It looks like they ceased development in 2014, but the guide I wrote (at your request) still probably works :slight_smile:

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If the target for the eMagazine is iOS instead of the web isn’t iBooks also a way to go with OAM files? I didn’t do it and don’t know about the content policies from Apple concerning magazine and experimental stuff. My advise was geared towards an online eMagazine.

We did make an export script for Paperlit.


Wow, @Daniel!

I discover now the guide you wrote back at 2015. It’s a surprise you take a request from a tweet I wrote during the development of the magazine, and that you found time to wrote a guide. Thinking back at that time, that development discovered to me the potential of Tumult Hype and how great it can be to work with. I will check your guide later, when I find (some of) my lost time to retake work with Hype Tumult again.

Related to the magazine, the hard part was how to monetize the publication. A lot of money went to the writers/illustrators who worked on the content before launching the first issue.