Elements dropping down off scene instead of remaining in place at end of timeline

I have an graphic element in the timeline that is supposed to remain in a static position on the screen after scaling, but the image drops off the bottom on the screen at the end of the timeline playing. (Looks like it dropped into a hole or something, straight down.) There is nothing in the property that instructs the graphic to do this position change. It plays fine in hype. It does this strange action in preview in browser and hype reflect. Also exported as widget in ibook and image drops. This is basic hype, no javascript involved.

suppose to look like this.
Instead it looks like this:


Providing an example Hype project allows for a more accurate assessment of your issue.

Here’s the hype file. The dropping issue occurs when previewing, is ok playing inside of Hype.make a scarey dog.hype.zip (511.6 KB)

It is falling because it is a dynamic physics body, so gravity is affecting it! You can fix this by selecting the element, going to the Physics Inspector, and changing the type to “Inactive - No physics applied”.

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Uhhhh! That was so easy! Thank you, Jonathan. You rock!!

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