Element Deformation in Physics?

(Quint Rahaman) #1

Is it possible that the Physics engine can simulate an element’s deformation after hitting another object? For example, if a malleable solid rod were shot into a vertical, impenetrable wall, the rod would deform with the greatest deformation occurring near the point of impact. Would this be possible in Hype Pro?

Another example: Could a thin rectangle element be made to wave like a flag in the wind?


(Greg) #2

I don’t think those options are currently available in Hype.

(Quint Rahaman) #3

Thanks for replying, Greg.

What I’ve referred to would breathe life into the elements—give them “character” and get the viewer closer to suspending disbelief.

(Greg) #4

Yeah, it would be great to see blobs dropping and squishing when the hit!!!

(Nick ) #5

Not part of Hype
But there are several libraries out there that can help you with particle effects and some web GL tricks

Here is a WebGL example

Here is a Javascript wave library acts more like jello though.

Until things like this are in Hype you can always create the effects in HTML5 and display them in an iframe in Hype using the best of both worlds.