Element correct for my needs

There will be 10 lights each one in a different direction that will illuminate sides of the objects. I need the lights to overpost others and see both together like in real life. Is there a way to make the rectangle transparent? or maybe a way to show an image without the element?
Thanks in advance. Hello, I need this lights to overpost each other but using the rectangle I can not reach my target.

SwitchLight Test.hype.zip (319.5 KB)

Just realize how to make the image appears without the element, setting the image ID make the image appears and disappears as if it was in an element.

If there is no real reason to delete the illustrations and example project from your question then it would be good if you left them in.
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I am very sorry for the mess and how un-polite I was in this case on this forum, I tried to undo and get back my post but I was unable.
If you can undo it, I am ready to reply with my solution otherwise please delete and I will never do this again.


Hey @manolo , no problem and no need to be sorry you were not being un-polite.
My comments are only a pointer in how we can help the community with our posts and in no way an admonishment. :smiley:

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Many thanks

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