Electronic Technical Manuals: Beta testers invited

Now Available for Testing: Electronic Technical Manuals

If you are interested in developing electronic technical manuals, or any other kind of interactive knowledge-base, you might be interested in joining our team of Beta testers of a new product, OnScreen, by Knowledge-on-demand.com.

Designed specifically to facilitate development and presentation of topic-based content, OnScreen uses Tumult Hype Pro for its basic authoring capability, and provides a Prototype Application that is ready to accept your particular content for very rapid and satisfying development.

We invite your participation, whether or not you have used Tumult Hype before.

If you participate, you will receive
• OnScreen beta, and
• an extended trial license to use Hype, if necessary.

Read more about OnScreen here: www.knowledge-on-demand.com

Sign up or inquire about the Beta testing program here:

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Am I right in thinking that this is a templated navigational application that you can assign menu items to point to and show hype created exported projects, Similar to my Hyper Kiosk. But used for navigating Manuals

If so it’s a neat idea.