Electric Zine Maker website

I came across this site on Twitter. It's not mine BTW.


That "loading" splash screen at the start told me right away that it was a Hype site.

This is a "punk art" type of project promoting a freeware zine creation tool. So there is a lot of '90s CD-ROM Multi-Media type nostalgia in the design. Crazy gifs, colors and a lot of rough, MS Paint style textures. I personally love the pastel colors but they do look quite dated in 2021. It is a newly developed application though.


Wow, the potato help center even makes use of physics for the potato gifs :grin:.

This is great. I was laughing so hard when I used the rocks to dislodge the menu items and they still worked. So much fun. A great site. :stuck_out_tongue:

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