Elastic grid gallery

Hi all,

I’m working on a grid gallery elastic project that was inspired by this wp plugin example:

I tryed to accomplish similat effect in Hype but I am having difficulties with the nested timelines layers once the clicks go beyond the second row of thumbs. I didn’t use js, is that the best way to go? I appreciate any suggestions, ideas, and/or implementation.


Silviotest1.elastic.gallery.hype.zip (72.8 KB)

Best way is JS :slight_smile:

Can I have some guidance on how to re create that using JS? I saw this jQuery Portfolio Gallery Plugin Elastic Grid free download. I wonder how to implement inside Hype app

I am currently on the road the road again. So I’d have to pass on this one for now but I got it on my list as I loved that animation since I first saw it in iTunes.

I’d say with JS you can select your covers (or groups if you group them nicely) and push the ones below down using hypeDocument.setElementProperty. Then you position your “in between” group and animation using the same command and the arrow too. Then trigger the timeline to reveal stuff using hypeDocument.startTimelineNamed.

Thanks Max,
My js skills are very basic but I will give a try. Best,