Effect Parallax Banner

How to develop a banner with parallax effect as the example:


The idea is that the background image does not move when done scroll the page
I have tried various methods to code and to check the browser does not work.

Here is the main file HypePro

SampleHypePro.hype.zip (1.6 MB)

If someone has an idea thanks for the help.

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I’m new to Hype but you could try two timelines, one with the background photos and the second with the text and rectangles on top. Use the top layer to control the second timeline. If you search the forums there is a post on creating parallax effects in Hype.

In Hype you mave the content over the scene not like the usual parallax where you scroll a long page.

EDIT: Here’s the tutorial

in this template you can find an example with parallax via JavaScript (the header) http://www.hypedocks.com/downloads/drop-navigation-kit/