Editing keyframes time

I would like to be able to edit the position of a keyframe by editing the number with my keyboard. So just marking the time “00:00,06” and changing it to “0:00,25” by pressing the right buttons on my keyboard instead of moving the keyframe to the right by hand.

I understand you @oliver

You can highlight the time section and put your values in it. This will move the section line and you can cut (⌘X) and paste (⌘V) your new keyframe at that line. Not exactly what you are asking but a workaround until your request is perhaps added.

Also, in case you were unaware, you can shift the keyframe (1 frame and 30 frames) by using the key combination (right arrow → or ⇧→ respectively)

Again not what you are asking but it may help. Good suggestion.